March Madness Recap 2014


UConn Wins the National Championship
UConn Wins the National Championship

By Owen Lynch

Every March, sports fans and people across the country strive to make the perfect bracket. This year, one of the wealthiest men in America, Warren Buffett, said that he would give anyone who could make a perfect bracket one billion dollars. Despite the life-changing money that one could earn for doing so, no one was able to make the perfect bracket. In fact, after the first twenty-five games (of 63 in the tourney) only three of the 11 million brackets created on ESPN remained flawless, to put into perspective how many upsets occurred early on. Continue reading “March Madness Recap 2014”

Talk About Test Grades

By Owen Lynch

“What did you get?”

After receiving a test score at BHS, students often ask their friends how they did. Should we be doing this? Are grades confidential and pertinent only to the person who took the test, or should students share them? Continue reading “Talk About Test Grades”

Sparknotes: Just a Shortcut?

By Owen Lynch

Sparknotes LogoIf you’re a high school student enrolled in an English course, you’ve likely heard of SparkNotes. If you haven’t, Sparknotes is a website that has extensive study guides for books frequently read by students in school. These study guides include plot summaries, character lists, and literary elements. Some high school students have become so dependent on SparkNotes
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Winter Sports Preview

By Owen Lynch

The Girls' Varsity Basketball Team Photo by Tyler Friedman
The Girls’ Varsity Basketball Team
Photo by Tyler Friedman

Hard and diligent offseason work by all of Briarcliff’s winter sports teams has Briarcliff athletics poised for a successful winter campaign. Mr. Drosopoulos and all of the coaches have been focused on preparing winter athletes for the challenges to come. From the basketball courts to the bowling alleys, Briarcliff High School athletes are ready and determined to meet their potential for success and produce championships.

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