Mock Trial Season Comes to a Close

By Molly Charney

As spring sports are underway and the weather begins to warm up, Briarcliff’s Mock Trial team wraps up another successful season.  The BHS Mock Trial team, led by seniors Tong Li and Claudia Price, competes in the Westchester Mock Trial Tournament.  When the team competes, they take on the role of either the prosecution or the defense.

Mock Trial 2014
Mock Trial 2014

Each year the New York State Bar Association creates a fake case for high school mock trial teams to use in the competitions.  This year’s case was a criminal case about hydraulic fracturing, commonly known as “fracking.”  The defendant was a made up company, Penn Hydra Gas Inc., and was accused of contaminating the water supply of a western New York village.

Each school’s mock trial team is composed of both lawyers and witnesses.  Claudia Price explains, “Our attorneys each do a direct examination of one of our witnesses and a cross examination of one of the other team’s witnesses. We also have to give opening and closing statements.”  The team’s lawyers must spend time memorizing and preparing questions as well as their opening and closing statements, while witnesses are responsible for knowing the facts of their affidavit and direct examination questions. Continue reading “Mock Trial Season Comes to a Close”