Senior Internships

By Rachel Reisman

As the smell of freshly cut grass floods the halls of BHS, seniors will say goodbye to their familiar school day routine and set off to their respective internship positions. Over the years, the BHS internship program, currently headed by Mrs. Comblo, has provided seniors with opportunities to further their education outside of the classroom. These internships have served as an antidote to the infamous “senioritis epidemic” in the latter months of the year, while also reflecting our student body’s wide array of interests. Continue reading “Senior Internships”

Video: Tom Deluca Makes Kids Flip Out

By Rachel Reisman and Miranda Bramson

On Friday April 5, Tom Deluca, a professional hypnotist, came to BHS and left an auditorium full of awe and applause. Junior Fabianna Milazzo channeled her inner alien self and Daniel Ventura revealed his true identity as an undercover spy, all thanks to Tom Deluca’s hypnotic expertise. Continue reading “Video: Tom Deluca Makes Kids Flip Out”

TPL: Town Parking Lot

By Rachel Reisman

Photo by Jack Fischer

TPL is just one of many acronyms in Briarcliff’s lexicon. TPL literally stands for the “town parking lot,” adjacent to the Getty gas station in town. During the day, town residents use this parking lot no differently than any other. They park, shop, return to their cars and leave. But, as the weekend approaches, many high school students, specifically juniors and seniors, have come to use this space as a universal place to meet up.

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Inappropriate Behavior in the Quiet Study Area

By Rachel Reisman

Quiet Study Area SignThe disruptions created by friends chattering, the sound of music playing, and even the tapping of feet and pencils against a desk can often make it difficult to study efficiently. The library at Briarcliff High School offers a whole section in the back known as the Quiet Study Area to students who would prefer to get their work done in an atmosphere with few distractions.

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Is NHS Overrated?

By Rachel Reisman

Photo Courtesy of National Honor Society

“My grandfather once told me that there were two kinds of people: those who do the work and those who take the credit. He told me to try to be in the first group; there was much less competition.” – Indira Gandhi

The National Honors Society recognizes students who not only maintain a high academic record but also participate in extracurricular activities. Continue reading “Is NHS Overrated?”