Backpacks Retake Female Fashion

By Sam Cohen

The middle school days of Le Sportsac bag domination are now over. Here at Briarcliff High School, girls have added two-strap backpacks to their arsenal of book-carrying apparatuses. The transformation has occurred over the past few years as tote-bag-lugging girls graduated, and new backpack-carrying senior girls assumed supremacy over fashion trends at the school. Continue reading “Backpacks Retake Female Fashion”


Fifth Fundamental Force Discovered at BHS Bake Sales

By Sam Cohen

Last week as chemistry teacher Dr. Robert Saar rounded the north corner of Briarcliff High School’s halls while transporting his Geiger counters to his room, he noted an odd spike in the readouts on the particle detectors. He explains, “I was surprised to see the readouts jump from normal background levels of radiation to astronomical levels. I figured someone was selling radioactive brownies at the bake sale, and immediately told the bake sale attendants to back away from the table for the sake of their health.” Continue reading “Fifth Fundamental Force Discovered at BHS Bake Sales”