Sarah Goldstein Breaks Face – Becomes Hero

By Scott Benson

Post WiringSarah Goldstein had a hard time telling her friends about her injury. After all, her jaw was wired shut.

One Saturday in April, she took her usual position as goalie for her travel soccer team. Her opponents had a break away, and she watched as the ball came toward her. Sarah dove to catch it as an opposing player tried to kick it. Her face made contact with the powerful kick.

Sarah, who had previously broken her nose five months before, realized immediately that her jaw was broken, and she lay on the ground face down.

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Bathrooms, The Sequel: When Do Teachers Go?

By Scott Benson

We admit it. When we raise our hands and ask to go to the bathroom, there’s a 50-50 chance that we aren’t really heading to the restroom.

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Songs For A Cause Preview

By Scott Benson

Senior Max Mason with Songs For A Cause Shirt
Senior Max Mason
Photo by Jack Fischer

It takes a lot of guts to get in front of an audience and sing your heart out. However, Songs for a Cause helps coax those who are not used to being in the spotlight out on stage with a special incentive – it’s all for charity.

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Is the Quality of BHS Bathrooms Sexist?

By Scott Benson

Photo by Tyler Friedman
Photo by Tyler Friedman

Females are considered to be the fairer sex. But what’s so fair about girls having nicer bathrooms?

Let’s compare two of the upstairs bathrooms. Any passerby can spot the flowers and mirror on display in the entrance way of the women’s room. The entrance to the men’s room? Drab, chipped walls greet you on your way in.

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