Senior Internships

By Rachel Reisman

As the smell of freshly cut grass floods the halls of BHS, seniors will say goodbye to their familiar school day routine and set off to their respective internship positions. Over the years, the BHS internship program, currently headed by Mrs. Comblo, has provided seniors with opportunities to further their education outside of the classroom. These internships have served as an antidote to the infamous “senioritis epidemic” in the latter months of the year, while also reflecting our student body’s wide array of interests. Continue reading “Senior Internships”

Parking Predicaments Part II: The Best Lots and Spots

By Lauren Koenig

As second semester has rolled around, BHS seniors are getting comfortable in the new spots they received in the second semester raffle. Now that they have had two chances to receive the best spot on campus, the juniors want to know: Where is it?

BHS Parking Lot: Photo by Brandon Fuhr
BHS Side Lot: Photo by Brandon Fuhr

Continue reading “Parking Predicaments Part II: The Best Lots and Spots”