New Club: Keepers of the Dream

By: Sofia Chroudri Ninety-one years after Martin Luther King Jr.’s birth, and nearly 57 years after his famous “I Have a Dream” speech, the question still remains: has his dream been fulfilled? Are we judged by the content of our character; not how different we are? Are boys and girls of different colors able to join hands as sisters and brothers? Has the nation risen … Continue reading New Club: Keepers of the Dream

Interview with a Frontline Worker

By: Sofia Choudhri The early stages of distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine have sparked many feelings across America: hope and relief, but also fear and uncertainty. While many Americans are excited at the prospect of a finish line to this seemingly never-ending pandemic, a large proportion of the country is also concerned about the validity of a cure to this politicized virus. Frontline workers were … Continue reading Interview with a Frontline Worker