Winter Track Spotlight

By Stephanie Markowitz Volume 69, Issue II Over the years, the BHS Winter Track team has broken numerous school records, attained high ranks in league and state competitions, and sent athletes to incredible colleges to continue pursuing their talent for the sport. This year, the team has the potential to enjoy a similar pattern of victories. Armed with exceptional talent from grades eight through twelve, … Continue reading Winter Track Spotlight

Lombardi Reaches 1000 Point Milestone as Sophomore

By Stephanie Markowitz Volume 68, Issue IV Sophomore captain of varsity girls basketball Alana Lombardi scored her one-thousandth point in a January 23 game at Westlake. The sophomore is one of only nine girls in Briarcliff history to reach this milestone. Lombardi has been on the varsity team since eighth grade, and there are no doubts her basketball future is bright. Despite this incredible feat, … Continue reading Lombardi Reaches 1000 Point Milestone as Sophomore

Students Honor Dr. King for Cotnoir’s Last Assembly

By Stephanie Markowitz Volume 68, Issue III Thursday, January 11, was the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. assembly, put together entirely by the Student Coalition for Human Dignity. The Student Coalition for Human Dignity, a BHS club open┬áto all, works on this event from┬áthe beginning of the year until the assembly date, typically the week before Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. The assembly aimed to … Continue reading Students Honor Dr. King for Cotnoir’s Last Assembly

Netflix is Betraying Us!

Volume 68, Issue I By Stephanie Markowitz To most young TV-watchers, Netflix is a welcoming beacon of catchy theme songs, procrastination, and quality entertainment. For a $9.99 a month- likely paid by parents – viewers can access a vast selection of movies and television shows. Netflix lovers, though, have become indignant upon discovering the long list of shows that will be taken off the streaming … Continue reading Netflix is Betraying Us!

Chrismakkah 2016

By Stephanie Markowitz Volume 67, Issue II   The running joke among American Jews is the annual tradition of eating Chinese food and watching movies on Christmas Eve. My own family has spent many a December 25th noshing on shrimp fried rice and watching Star Wars. Unfortunately, the cherished practice was forced to come to a pause this year; this Christmas Eve happens to be … Continue reading Chrismakkah 2016