Slurping & Animal Noises: Greatest Senior Fad of All Time

By Sydney Hoff

Spanish teacher Mr. Muranelli refers to them as mating calls: “There are going to be some pretty excited Canadian Geese around here.”

This winter, BHS did not experience a swine flu or strep throat epidemic but instead, a prolonged, rampant case of senioritis that has not subsided with the onset of spring. Symptoms of the disease? Animal noises, throat clearing, slurping and clapping. The afflicted? The senior class, mostly its male population. The cure? Unknown.

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Facebook Stalking at BHS

By Jack FischerSydney Hoff


“Dude, I Facebook stalk all the time,” says senior Sam Friedberg.

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“The Music Man” Coming to BHS This Spring

By Sydney Hoff

BHS eagerly awaits the premiere of the school musical, The Music Man, in a few weeks on March 8th. An incredible number of hours have gone into the production of the musical, and the cast and crew of approximately 55 people are looking forward to one of the best shows Briarcliff has yet to see.

Photo Courtesy of Danielle Crosswell
Photo Courtesy of Danielle Crosswell

The show is about Harold Hill, a traveling salesman, who tries to swindle money from the people of River City by convincing them to start a boy band. Senior Dan Levine stars as Harold Hill and senior Rebecca Simpson-Wallack as his romantic interest, Marian the Librarian.

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Quidditch in Briarcliff

By Sydney Hoff

Danny Mendelson shoots
Photo Provided by Danny Mendelson

Author J.K. Rowling did more than simply create a wildly popular series when she wrote Harry Potter; she also invented a fictional sport called Quidditch that has since grown immensely among fans of the book. The sport has attracted many followers, including Briarcliff High School sophomore Danny Mendelson.

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