Update on the Local Reusable Bag Initiative

By Tucker Poux Volume 69, Issue III Briarcliff residents have recently felt the effects of Westchester’s reusable bag initiative, with more and more grocery stores adopting plastic bag fees. The reusable bag initiative, spearheaded by Westchester’s sustainability committee, has a goal of getting more people to use reusable bags at grocery stores across the county. Not only do plastic bags cost money to manufacture, but … Continue reading Update on the Local Reusable Bag Initiative

The Great Briarcliff Pizza Party Showdown

By Tucker Poux Volume 68, Issue IV Pizza. An American classic in every sense of the word, and it is distinctly New York. Briarcliff is no stranger to pizza, with several pizzerias in the area and some sort of pizza-involving event taking place in the high school seemingly every week. With so many places to order pizza from our community is faced with one daunting … Continue reading The Great Briarcliff Pizza Party Showdown

Wait, Mr. Birenbaum’s in a Boppin’ Jewish Jazz Band?!

By Tucker Poux Volume 68, Issue II He’s the outgoing Teacher Assistant with the one-of-a-kind deep voice. Mr. Birenbaum is hard to miss, and he’s always got something fascinating to say. What many BHS students may not know, though, is the other side to Mr. Birenbaum: the saxophonist of Northern Westchester’s Klezmer band, a Jewish jazz group that plays dance tunes and upbeat melodies. Klezmer … Continue reading Wait, Mr. Birenbaum’s in a Boppin’ Jewish Jazz Band?!

Pleasantville’s Pearl: Pubstreet Review

Volume 68, Issue I By Tucker Poux When you think about Pleasantville food, what comes to mind? Mexican? Pizza? Sushi? Indian? Probably not seafood. Pleasantville lacked any semblance of great seafood restaurants until chef Mogan Anthony strolled into town, bringing with him a taste of delicious seafood. Pubstreet opened its doors in September to a huge crowd wait- ing to get its hands on some … Continue reading Pleasantville’s Pearl: Pubstreet Review

Restuarant Review: Red Zebra

By Tucker Poux Volume 67, Issue II Red Zebra is a brand new restaurant located in Sleepy Hollow. This is no ordinary Italian bistro, as Red Zebra is owned by Neil Benson, a member of the Briarcliff community. Benson’s sons Alex and Oliver currently attend Briarcliff High School. What Mr. Benson and co-owner David Starkey have created is a fantastic Italian restaurant with delicious homemade … Continue reading Restuarant Review: Red Zebra

The Risk of Vector Borne Diseases

By Tucker Poux and James Fludgate Volume 67, Issue I Vector borne diseases have been becoming more and more relevant especially as of late. With the recent outbreaks of the Zika virus, we have decided to dive a little deeper into what vector borne diseases are and why they have been more prevalent to us in the United States. To learn more about the situation, … Continue reading The Risk of Vector Borne Diseases

Wood and Fire Pizza

By Tucker Poux One of the newest editions to the restaurant arsenal in Briarcliff and Pleasantville is the recently opened and delectable Wood and Fire Pizza. Taking the place of Amangerie along Marble Avenue, Wood and Fire is a pizza and grill restaurant that will make you come back again and again. Even though they sell other dishes besides pizza, they’re known for their creative … Continue reading Wood and Fire Pizza