Apple Crisp Teacher Development Day

By Will Zimmerman Volume 69, Issue II While Briarcliff teachers learned about the functionality of Apple products from Apple experts, high school students enjoyed a rare, middle-of-the-week, day off. Inside the high school, teachers worked to learn about the functionality of different Apple products, as well as new opportunities and programs that will enhance what they are doing inside the classroom. Outside the classroom, Apple … Continue reading Apple Crisp Teacher Development Day

Admin. Visits Turn Classes Upside Down

By Will Zimmerman Volume 68, Issue IV Everyone’s favorite teacher is the laid back one, right? During four years of high school, you’re bound to have at least one of these teachers; the kind who pushes back deadlines and doesn’t collect homework. With these teachers, learning is relaxed. That is until an administrator comes to watch. The teacher makes sure you know an administrator is … Continue reading Admin. Visits Turn Classes Upside Down

Mr. Birenbaum Retires (An Interview)

By Will Zimmerman Volume 68, Issue III Following winter break, the beloved Mr. Birenbaum will not be returning to Briarcliff. His career at Briarcliff was marked by his positive attitude and general affection from the students. Although the Briarcliff community will certainly miss him, we wish him well in his retirement and we hope he enjoys his new free time. “His humor and good nature … Continue reading Mr. Birenbaum Retires (An Interview)

Alumni Return to Impart Their Wisdom

By Will Zimmerman Volume 68, Issue II On November 22, twelve Briarcliff alumni returned to give college, career and life advice to juniors and seniors. The event began in the auditorium where the Briarcliff graduates briefly gave introductions and discussed their lives since graduating high school. Students heard from alumni who are now teachers, chemical engineers, businesspeople and even a row instructor. Following the introductions … Continue reading Alumni Return to Impart Their Wisdom

Mr. Shapiro Retires

Volume 68, Issue I By Claire Goldstein and Will Zimmerman At the beginning of the school year, a horror the students never saw coming hit them hard. Substation administrator Mr. Shapiro retired. Kind of. I guess. As Briarcliff High School’s only substitute teacher, Mr. Shapiro was officially a sub for every single student during his nine years with the school. Far too busy for an … Continue reading Mr. Shapiro Retires