Wellness Center to Debut at BHS

By Zoe London Volume 69, Issue I Most people at Briarcliff High School are aware of the demands placed on students of all grades; the need for competitive portfolios, full schedules, and success can put a strain on students who are trying to balance everything in hopes of staying productive. The initiative for a wellness center to be constructed in the high school now represents … Continue reading Wellness Center to Debut at BHS

Student Gov. “Matchomatics”

By Zoe London Volume 68, Issue IV Student Government recently put on an innovative fundraiser, using the website Matchomatics to offer BHS students a chance to discover their compatibility with others. Students filled out the online question and the Matchomatics company processed the results to determine who throughout the student body people are most compatible with. The compatibility survey contained questions from personality traits to … Continue reading Student Gov. “Matchomatics”

Art Students Take Inspiration Back to BHS After Trip to the Met

By Zoe London Volume 68, Issue IV On February 13, Briarcliff art students took on New York City and saw what the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met) had to offer. The students, led by Ms. Ritacco and her husband, first explored the Met Breuer, which presents both modern and contemporary works by artists from all around the world, including standouts Leon Golub and Anselm Kiefer. … Continue reading Art Students Take Inspiration Back to BHS After Trip to the Met

Student Help Desk

By Zoe London Volume 67, Issue I This year ar Briarcliff High School, every student was provided with a MacBook to help them with their studies. The laptop holds an in nite amount of possibilities for usage, ranging from creating presentations, typing up notes, and connecting to your teachers through the student email. While the Macs are known for being very user-friendly, sometimes issues with … Continue reading Student Help Desk