Player Spotlight: Alex Cabeca

By Colby Cho & Andrew Kanovsky
Volume 69, Issue I

Portugal. The Man. His name is Alex Cabeca. “Cabez” is a Lohud elite 11 senior soccer forward who has just committed to Ithaca College, where he will play alongside Alex Leahy, a Briarcliff soccer legend and Lohud’s former small school player of the year. Cabeca is a goal poacher, pitch sensation, and a natural captain who is one of the key cogs in the Briarcliff team. He has stepped up following Leahy’s graduation. He plays with flair, and his talents are recognized across the section. Along with your columnists Andrew and Colby, he is seeking to lead the team back to the section final after stunning the section but ultimately coming up short in overtime last year. For these reasons, he is the athlete to kick off our series for the 2018-2019 Briarcliff sports year.

Q: What are your goals, as an individual and for the team, this coming season?
A:This season my main goal is to help the team in any way possible to achieve the first section title in Briarcliff soccer history.

Q: Last year’s squad was arguably the most successful team in Briarcliff history; how is the team coping with the high expectations this year?
A: At first the team was nervous that we weren’t going to live up to the hype, but once the season finally started, we hit the ground running and had the best September in Briarcliff soccer history going 7 – 1.

Q: What do you think the boys can improve on this season, as you approach the midway point in the season?
A: The team can definitely improve on keeping leads and not having to end games in overtime, as we’ve had 3 overtime wins in 8 games.

Q: You are playing with Alex Leahy next year, an ex-Bear, are you excited for the reunion?
A: I am definitely excited to play with Alex Leahy next year as he’s one of my best friends and one of the reasons I chose to continue my soccer career at Ithaca.

Q: Favorite pregame song?
A: “Amen- Meek Mill”

Q: Favorite soccer player and why.
A: Cristiano Ronaldo. He’s a perfect example of an elite athlete and that’s what I want to become.

Q: Pregame superstitions?
A: Cold shower in the morning, listen to pregame playlist, put athletic tape around my lucky bracelet, drench myself in water right before the game.


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