A Gift-Giving Guide for This Holiday Season

By: Kelsey Horowitz

Holiday season is coming up and there is one thing on everyone’s mind – presents! If you are unsure of what to get a loved one or what you want this holiday season, keep on reading! One junior, Krissy Wall, says, “Well since my phone cracked, I would like to replace my phone. I would also maybe want a new watch and some new sweaters.” Freshman Liv Gonseth wants a biology tutor, and a new set of golf clubs for Christmas. When asked about what she would get her family, she said, “I think a good gift would be something that someone would use every day. I’m getting my mother a new pair of snow boots and a wallet. For my brothers, I’m getting them really nice tooth brushes. And for my dad, it’s ties, a new work bag, and a Starbucks Gift card.” If you are participating in Secret Santa, senior Allison Kaye would suggest getting a scarf, an Artizia gift card, or a bracelet. After asking around, many boys would want speakers, something sports related, or money. You can also never go wrong with food! Happy holidays!


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