Christmas Gift List

By Sean Fischer & Anthony Radovanovich

  1. Hover-board: As the holiday season rolls in, so does a new mode of transportation. Goodbye skateboards, hello swagway. With a top speed of 12 mph, getting around will be a breeze.
  2. iPhone 6s: Say hello to the future! With minimal changes and few improvements, this will impress all your friends. But don’t worry, it comes in rose gold.
  3. Apple watch: One might wonder what would make an iPhone 6s more useless, well that would be an Apple Watch. What would make it an even bigger waste? Buying the $17,000 version, but wait! It comes in rose gold.
  4. Timberlands: The new style is here, and with it a high price tag; but be warned, make sure you bring sneakers to gym class!
  5. Tickets: Whether it be to a NBA game, broadway show, or the Briarcliff spring musical, everyone is after a good ticket, but beware of scalpers and overpriced StubHub. But lets be honest, all anyone wants is tickets to Hamilton
  6. Beats Pill+: After years of waiting, the new Beats speaker finally came out. What’s new? A plus at the end of the name.
  7. Starbucks gift card: With pumpkin spice lattes gone, Starbucks is still the place to be before and after school, and in between classes for a lucky few.
  8. Bath Bombs: Have you ever dreamed of bathing in colored water that smells good, but bubble baths are too mainstream? Well, if you have $15 to spend, then a bath bomb could be yours in less than 24 hours.
  9. Vineyard Vines: If you have money to burn, and dream of being preppy, VV is the brand for you. Although it may not be eternal summer in Martha’s Vineyard, VV sure makes you feel like you’re making angels in the sand.
  10. Adele 25: Hello, it’s Anthony and Sean, if you’ve ever disliked Adele, this album will surely bring you to the other side, but you better wipe of your mascara before listening, because it’s sure to make you sob hysterically.

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