In Case You Missed It: Animal Farm

By Elizabeth Madden
Volume 68, Issue II

animal farmAnimal Farm is about the political instability in a dystopian society where animals overthrow the humans, but experience their own difficulties involving political corruption and social inequality. The acting was superb, considering the experience of the students casted, and I thought that everyone did a great job in displaying animalistic qualities to the audience. I thought the opening scene, where the characters came out and interacted with the audience was a little confusing because I couldn’t tell whether or not it was part of the play. I liked the creativity, but I don’t think it came across as successfully as it was intended. The beginning scenes of the play, where the rebellion takes place against the humans and the animals was wonderful; their emotions were clearly displayed in an animalistic way, and everyone took the more intense scenes very seriously. I could tell that everyone in the play had a passion for acting, and put in discipline and effort to capture their role to the best of their abilities. Ms. Fernandez, who teaches the Animal Farm book in her ninth grade English class, said she thought that the director, Mr. Ian Driver, did a great job in condensing the scenes from the book all while avoiding choppiness and gaps in the plot. She claimed they “did a very nice job of the scenes that they chose and the fluidity between the scenes. You wouldn’t have known there was omission unless you’ve read the book.” Ms. Fernandez also added that she was “surprised how they structured the play on the stage. “At first, I was like… um, how they are going to put a farm, but in reality, it was actually really smart because the scenery in the novel doesn’t change much so it actually worked out really nicely.” However, there were some disadvantages in adapting Animal Farm as a play from a book. Ms. Fernandez thought that play didn’t give enough background to the political history that was occurring during this time period. Since the entire plot was based on an allusion, it would have been helpful to the audience to directly educate them on what was occurring in other countries government’s so they could understand the connections that were being made throughout the play. “If you didn’t have that background knowledge, it wouldn’t have made sense, whereas in the book, the regimes are more highlighted, so it gives you the time to do the research to figure out what they were alluding to.” Overall, Animal Farm was very well done, and the time and effort that the crew, actors, and director put into it was very transparent.


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