Sophie Jelinek: Briarcliff Bowling Legend

By Kyle Harris
Volume 69, Issue II

At Briarcliff, the bowling team is rumored to be used for varsity exemption during junior and senior year, but Sophie Jelinek has proved that a Briarcliff bowler can have success. As a two-year captain, All-league winner and Westchester Christmas Bowling Tournament champion, she has done nothing but impress. With a two-game combined score of 456, it is clear that she is no fluke. We took an inside look in the mind of the athlete:

Q: With all of these awards and recognition, how have you been handling all of the attention and unwanted fame?
A: Between the tireless hours of being a two-varsity-sport captain (both boys and girls varsity bowling) and the pressure that comes with being a bowling pro, I don’t have a lot of time to myself. It’s moments like when I enter a bowling alley that I can truly understand what the Kardashians go through in their everyday lives. With all of the reporters following us around, we hardly get a chance to breathe. Of course, I knew that taking on the role as varsity bowling icon would mean being under the constant watch of the tabloids, but it’s like, doesn’t SuperKaish have anything better to tweet about?

Q: What does the average daily workout routine look like for a varsity bowler?
A: Besides the obvious 230 push-ups and 456 squats, it’s mainly just a lot of finger crunches, forearm extending, and knuckle bends.

Q: Do you or the team have any pre-game rituals?
A: Yes! Before every match I chug two bottles of Gatorade, one light blue and one orange (Go Bears!). Then, I do some light finger stretches while listening to m.A.A.d city by Kendrick Lamar.

Q: What is your go-to bowling move?
A: The stop drop and roll

Q:Is there any advice you want to give to future Briarcliff bowlers?
A: I was once having a bad day at the lanes when I stumbled upon this quote that gave me the courage to keep bowling. I think it could help anyone who is feeling inadequate: “You miss 100% of the pins you don’t knock down.”



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