Mock Trial Wraps Up 2013 Season

By Molly Charney

As the mock trial season has come to a close, members reflect on their successful season. The Briarcliff Mock Trial team participates in the Westchester Mock Trial Tournament in two teams: the plaintiff/prosecution and the defense. Each year a fake case is created by the NYS Bar Association and participating schools prepare for the “mock trial.”

Photo Courtesy of Wendy Willner
Photo Courtesy of Wendy Willner

This year the case involved a student who believed he/she was misled into attending Cattaraugus Programming University. Senior Sam Cohen explains, “Each team has three lawyers and three witnesses. Each witness must memorize his or her affidavit that is provided in the case. Then each witness works with his or her lawyer to prepare a direct examination.” The direct examination should go very smoothly, but the cross examination is when Mock Trial members must think on their feet because other schools can unexpectedly object to questions.

Photo Courtesy of Wendy Willner
Photo Courtesy of Wendy Willner

Rumors circulate about the large time commitment Mock Trial entails, but Sam Cohen and Rishab Mittal both assure that it can be managed with hard work and dedication. Mittal joined Mock Trial after watching the movie “A Few Good Men,” which is about extrajudicial punishment and a law case. Mock Trial provides an opportunity for high school students to learn about the basics of law and experience a case in a real courtroom. “It’s mad legit!” comments Mittal. “Although the team didn’t get past the first round, my goal for joining mock was accomplished: to learn about law and apply it in a real life setting while having fun with a great group of kids,” says Mittal of his experience. Mr. Michael Muranelli advises Briarcliff’s Mock Trial with the help of village justice Mr. Howard Code. If you are interested in law and looking for a good time, consider joining Briarcliff Mock Trial team. Congratulations to the team on another successful season!


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