How to Access School Computers from Home

By Joseph Pennacchio

For those who do not already know, since late 2011 there has been a way to access the school network from a home computer, iPhone, iPad, or Android phone. Through a program known as VMware View Client, you can actually log on from home and see your school desktop.

  • Google “VMware View Client”, click the first link
  • Scroll to the links for either PC or Mac
  • Hit “View Download” (For PC use 64-bit, if you need 32-bit it will tell you later)
  • Click Download on the bottom right
  • Go through the installation and enter as the default server

Logging In:

  • Start the View Client from your Desktop icon or Start Menu
  • Server is
  • Username is your Briarcliff ID #, same as to log in at school
  • Password is your network password

You will be able to access your school desktop and all of your school files. You can work on any documents on the school computer without emailing them to yourself or using a flash drive. In addition, you are able to access the student shares folder. Another benefit is that you can access and use programs that the school has (such as Microsoft Publisher and Photoshop) even if you don’t personally own them at home.


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