Retirement Spotlights: Dr. Saar

By: Annie Dineen

After 19 great years, Dr. Robert Saar will be retiring not only from his position as a chemistry teacher but also from his role as a strong and lovable mentor for the students at Briarcliff High School. And while Briarcliff will feel a void without Dr. Saar’s classic Crocs roaming through the hallways, the Briarcliff community is grateful for his many years of service. I can say from personal experience that being one of Dr. Saar’s students is like being a part of a secret society. Only very few students know about his endeavors in the hand modeling industry, his countless runner-up medals for the “worst speller” spelling bee, and of course, the infamous triple box. But these little inside jokes are just bonuses to learning chem with Dr. Saar; the real fun is in the chemistry itself.

Dr. Saar said that the most rewarding experience he has had as a chemistry teacher is having a student who walked in with no interest in chemistry, walk out of the course inspired by the wonders of the subject. The inspiration definitely comes from the labs. The iodine clock lab performed in honors chemistry always throws the students for a whirl as the mixture turns black right before their eyes. Or the “Mole and Mass Relationship in a Chemical Reaction” lab performed by AP Chemistry students. In reference to the lab, Dr. Saar said, “this is really nerdy, but the results are so good that it’s hard not to like.” Because after all, “What’s not to like about chemistry?” 

Whether you were a regular in the laboratory or maybe just saw his friendly face around the hallways, everyone is surely going to miss Dr. Saar after his retirement. As for the next chapter in his life, well that is “top secret.”


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