NHS Induction

By Izzie Alley

Senior Inductee  Mark Moretto Greets His Inductor, Brandon Fuhr, On StagePhoto Courtesy of Donna Moretto
Senior Inductee Mark Moretto Greets His Inductor, Brandon Fuhr, On Stage
Photo Courtesy of Donna Moretto

On Monday, November 27, crowds of enthusiastic scholarly juniors and seniors flooded the BHS auditorium dressed to impress on this monumental night. Fifty-five students were inducted, more than any before. Ten seniors, who after persevering and dedicating themselves academically, were honored to be inducted this year along with the juniors.

Principal Kaishian spoke first, congratulating the students for their hardwork and commitment to their studies. Superintendent Miller also gave a few words on the character of these students and what the word “honor” means. The members, inductees and audience were captivated with Miller’s words. It finally hit home what the evening was all about. Mr. Anthony Muranelli, adviser of the BHS chapter of NHS spoke, addressing how proud he was of the inductees and of the current members for their hard work. The microphone was then turned over to the current co-presidents of NHS: Sam Cohen and Rachel Smedley. The two spoke eloquently (with a sense of witty humor) about the upcoming agenda of the honor society for this year, which includes tutoring and the annual blood drive. The excitement of the night was just beginning.

The rest of the evening flowed smoothly as current members rose to the stage and addressed each inductee individually. The speeches were given so nicely that the audience didn’t mind the length of the ceremony. Close friends brought up old memories, commenting on personal traits and admiring character. The most surprising aspect was the amount of activities, leadership roles, and skills that these inductees have under their belts. The audience heard about captains, charity work, athleticism, and musical and artistic talents. The inductees made their way up to the stage and received their certificates from their inductors and took a seat with the rest of the inductees.

At the end of the night, Mr. Kaishian led the students in the NHS pledge. With the conclusion of the ceremony, congratulations and hugs were exchanged, and the families made their way to a reception in the cafeteria. There was a unique feeling in the air, one of positivity and excellence. Sam Cohen, co-president, shares his remarks on the evening: “Everything went very smoothly. We have a large and diverse incoming class, so it was fun to hear about each inductee individually.” He would also like to thank Mr. Muranelli for organizing everything and the committees that put together the invitations and programs. These students really deserve the recognition they received, and NHS is happy to have its largest group yet.


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