The Finsta Trend

By Sarah Dolgin

A finsta is an Instagram account that stands for “fun insta” or “fake insta.” The typical Instagram account is focused likes or the comments that a picture receives, anything other than the person who owns it. The Instagram account’s owner feels edits the pictures uploaded to this account, and judges themselves based on the feedback that the picture gets. Instagram is a host for social pressure, and even cyberbullying. Although many people do enjoy the use of Instagram, the stress that comes along with followers and likes that can make Instagram a nightmare. Due to the anxiety of keeping up a quality Instagram account, the finsta was born.

Finsta pictures courtesy of Jenny Sukonnik and Sarah Dolgin

Finsta accounts have become very popular in the past few years. A typical finsta user only has a few followers, which are their closest friends. The purpose of a finsta is to be real, and upload unedited, and hilarious pictures that friends can appreciate. Because there are no specific standards, finsta is pressure free, and isn’t held to any specific standards. Finsta is a way to share pictures with no judgement, no cares about likes, and no worries about how you look in the picture. Social media is an enormous aspect of life and communication is key for friends and family. Finsta is trending because people are tired of sugarcoating everything for their followers, and want to have an alternative way to post what is going on, in which they choose a select few to enjoy the funny moments in their life.

There are many aspects of the finsta account that a regular Instagram account simply does not accommodate. The average Instagram account contains pictures with friends, selfies on Sundays only, vacation photos, trendy places, and meals that look incredible. Instagram accounts are fun, but they do get exhausting. People can judge an accounts amount of posts, and use the term “over posting” to describe someone who posts more than the acceptable amount. On the contrary, a finsta account is where someone lets loose, and does whatever they want with no shame. Unattractive yet hilarious pictures are posted, and true personality is shown. The average person wonders, why are finsta accounts are becoming so popular? Finsta accounts are lots of fun, they are limitless, and they are a great way to share what is going on with friends without worrying about the typical judgement of an Instagram account. Having a finsta account is a way to express yourself, display your personality, and laugh which is why it has become popular in Briarcliff. Like any aspect of social media, finsta picked up quickly. Once a few people created them, within a month almost everyone else had too. The popularity of the finsta continues to grow because it is an enjoyable, judgement free way to update friends on life.


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